Trump Warns North Korea Again

US President Donald Trump has warned North Korea that it should be very, very nervous if it decides to do something against the United States or allies.

Mr. Trump’s comments come just days after North Korea said it was considering a strike on Guam. In recent days, North Korea has threatened to make the US pay the price for its crime. The threats came a few days after the UN Security Council approved new sanctions against North Korea for continuing its missile program. North Korea has raised concerns among neighbors in the region for its recent tests. Last month, the country fired two ballistic missiles.

Tensions between the US and North Korea escalated after the missile test last month. North Korea recently said it is considering a strike on Guam and that it will have a plan ready by mid August. South Korea said it was willing to talk to North Korea during a meeting last week but reports say the talks didn’t go far because a North Korean official described them as insincere.

Mr. Trump recently warned North Korea but said his previous warning wasn’t tough enough. He also criticized past US administrations for not doing enough to stop North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. The US President also spoke about China, saying it could do a lot more.

On Saturday, the UN Security Council met and approved new sanctions against North Korea. The sanctions received the support of North Korea’s only international ally, China. The approval of the sanctions is said to be one of the reasons why North Korea was not interested in talking to South Korea at the meeting during the weekend.

It is not the first time that North Korea is sanctioned but the latest are said to be the toughest yet. Earlier this year, China announced the suspension of coal imports for the rest of 2017. Experts say the new sanctions will reduce one third of North Korea’s $3 billion made from exports each year.