UN Security Council Agrees On New Sanctions For North Korea

The United Nations Security Council has shown its support for new sanctions against North Korea. The sanctions are over its missile program, which North Korea continues to work on.

The sanctions ban exports and limit investments. The new sanctions were approved unanimously, with its only ally agreeing with the plans. China, North Korea’s only international ally, often tried to show support or protected the country from receiving sanctions. It was different this time, China voted in favor of the resolution. A few months ago, China also decided to suspend coal imports from North Korea for the rest of the year. The move was seen as part of a push for more sanctions against the country, which has tested several missiles in recent months.

North Korea has received sanctions in recent years but they appear to have little effect as the country has continued its missile program. Last month, North Korea tested two ballistic missiles, claiming that they could now reach the US. Earlier this year, North Korea also tested missiles and one of them landed near the Sea of Japan.

The new sanctions could eliminate one third of its exports, which estimates say is around $3 billion a year. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said the Security Council had increased the sanctions to a whole new level. The US ambassador also praised China for voting in favor of the new sanctions.

The recent missile tests by North Korea have been condemned by neighbors. But despite the threats and recent tests, South Korea said it may hold talks with the country during a meeting this weekend. South Korea’s Foreign Minister said the talks could happen if it naturally occurs. The meeting will take place in the Philippines.

North Korea’s missile tests have increased this year and despite some failing, the situation has caused concern among neighbors in the region. The latest sanctions are another attempt to put a stop to its missile program.

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