UN’s Migration Agency Says Migrants Were Pushed From Boats

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says at least 29 migrants were deliberately pushed into the sea by smugglers who did not want to get caught. The migrants pushed into the sea are teenagers.

According to the IOM, the 29 teenage migrants are among the more than 100 who were pushed into the sea. The smuggler began pushing them to avoid getting arrested. The UN migration agency found more than 20 survivors on a beach. The IOM says 22 migrants are still missing.

The migration agency also released a statement saying the migrants were looking to reach other countries through Yemen. The statement mentioned that the average age of the migrants was 16. Most of the people on the boat were from Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Chief of Mission in Yemen Laurent de Boeck said his colleagues were told by survivors that the smuggler pushed them into the sea when he saw authorities. They also told the migration agency that the smuggler went back to Somalia to pick up more migrants. The survivors were found on a beach in Shabwa, Yemen.

Estimates say more than 50,000 migrants have made the journey to Yemen this year. According to the IOM, a high percentage of the migrants making the journey to Yemen are under the age of 18. Yemen is currently going through a conflict and humanitarian crisis but the migrants go there to try to reach Europe or the Gulf states.

Yemen is one of a few routes that the migrants use to reach other countries. The other route used by migrants to reach Europe is through the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, thousands of migrants, escaping poverty and conflicts in their countries, have reached Europe. Greece and Italy have received a high percentage of the migrants. The migrants usually make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea with smugglers, who sometimes overcrowd the boats.