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Ashley Greene Snapchat Name – What is Her Snapchat Username & Snapcode?

Ashley Greene is an actress who is most well known for her role of Alice Cullen in the Twilight movie series. She has also guest-starred in many television shows, appeared in other movies, and was a voice actress in several Batman games, playing as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

How Ashley Greene Got Famous

She was born Ashley Michele Greene on February 21, 1987, in Jacksonville, Florida. Neither of her parents was into acting – her mother worked in insurance, and her father was a US Marine. Her older brother’s name is Joe Greene. She attended UNiversity Christian School, before switching to a public school halfway through her high school career. Ashley Greene wanted to be a model at first, but at 5 foot 5, she was not quite tall enough to be a typical runway model. She listened to the advice of the recruiters and jumped all into acting.

Ashley took a class on commercial acting, and she loved it. She ended up moving to Los Angeles after completing high school early. She was just seventeen. IN 2005, she was in the sixth season of Ashton Kutcher’s prank show Punk’d. She played the underage girlfriend of one of Justin Long’s friends. The scene was set at a bar, and she and the other girls got them kicked out. She also appeared in an episode of Crossing Jordan at the age of 18. The episode aired in 2006.

Ashley Greene’s Acting Career

In 2008, she landed the role of Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga, which was the film adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer’s book series. Getting that character meant she had steady work in an extremely popular series for over four years. She played the quirky vampire sister of Edward Cullen, the series male romantic lead.

During the run of the Twilight series, Ashley Greene got a role in the indie movie Skateland, where she played Michelle Burkham. The film came out at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. She acted with her fellow Cullen sibling, Kellan Lutz, in another movie in 2011 called A Warrior’s Heart. She also took roles in scarier movies such as Summer’s Blood in 2009 and The Apparition in 2012. After her run as a “vegan” vampire was done, she acted in such movies as Burying the Ex, and In Dubious Battle. Her most recent work, Max & Me, is still in post production.

Ashley Greene’s Romantic Life

Ashley Greene dated Joe Jonas of One Direction fame in 2011. The pair only lasted nine months. Ashley credited their intense schedules and public scrutiny for the relationship’s collapse. She also briefly dated Broadway star Reeve Carney. Being in the Twilight series made it difficult for Ashley to interact with her friends, much less potential partners. She ended up meeting Paul Khoury, an Australian TV personality, in 2013. They dated until late 2016, when they got engaged. They are looking to get married in late 2017.

Ashley Greene Snapchat Username -Greeneygirl

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Ashley Greene Other Social Media Accounts

What is Ashley Greene’s Personal Facebook?
Ashley Greene, as is the case with most celebrities, only has an official Facebook page instead of a personal Facebook profile page. She has 476,893 followers, and you can join them by clicking here. The actress has not updated her page in over a year. When she was active, she posted photos of her and her now-fiance on the beach, pics of her puppy, and posts about her various charity activities. Her last post was about going on a liquid diet to support A21, which promotes awareness and education about human trafficking.

What is Ashley Greene’s Instagram name?
Ashley goes by the name ashleygreene on Instagram. The former vampire has over 850,000 followers on the photo sharing platform. She updates this page much more often then she does her Facebook. Her photos are often candids of her and her friends, or gorgeous selfies that also involve promotion for various brands like Absolut Elyx and Emma Willis Makeup. My favorite of her pictures shows Ashley Greene laying on a sidewalk in workout clothing as she is licked by a pit bull named Ella.

What is Ashley Greene’s Twitter name?
Her Twitter handle is AshleyMGreene, and she describes herself as “Actress. Feyonce. Dog Mom.” She joined the micro-blogging platform in August of 2009, and has amassed 2.18 million followers since that time. She uses it to re-tweet celebrities that have contributed to the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, a catestrofic natural disaster that affected millions in the American South in late summer of 2017.  Ashley Greene has been very involved in the relief effort, donating money herself and tweeting out important emergency numbers to raise awareness. She also celebrated Eclipse day by posting a photo of herself from the Twilight movie of the same name. Get access to all of her content by clicking here.

What is Ashley Greene’s Kik Username or Code?
Ashley does not have a public username on the messaging app.

What is Ashley Greene’s YouTube Page?
There is a channel that claims to be Ashley Greene’s official page, but it only has 2 videos, 993 subscribers, and no official check mark. You can check it out by clicking here, and see a video of her and Joe Jonas meeting an English bulldog puppy. There is still plenty of Ashley Greene content on YouTube even if she doesn’t put it out herself. There are many interviews of her from her Twilight days, and more. The top result when you search for her name is a 2012 interview on the Conan O’Brian show where she describes Olivia Wilde as a good kisser.

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