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Atman WG22 Silicone Nectar Collector Review

Unsurprisingly, ATMAN continues their salvo of releasing products that are aimed at cannabis enthusiasts and even people who rely on products for medicinal needs. Their latest product, the ATMAN WG22 Silicone Nectar Collector is a bit of a different take on things. While ATMAN is known for their vaporizers and accessories, the WG22 is a certified nectar collector.

The first thing you might notice about the WG22 is its interesting shape – it looks plump and oddly… phallic. However, there are quite a bunch of details that contribute to the design being something that you don’t see every day. The WG22 comes with the ability to assemble itself into one neat little carrying or storage package. Your purchase will include the silicone nectar collector itself (the base and the nectar), as well as a quartz nail and a dabber. This is all important – a quartz nail will last for quite awhile before needing replaced, and a complimentary dabber is a great inclusion. The quartz nail even keeps a better flavor, and is replaceable.

A ready-to-use ATMAN WG22

To operate the ATMAN WG22 Silicone Nectar Collector, you should first understand what dabbing is; dabs are a more concentrated form of cannabis that has undergone several stages of processing to create a more concentrated product (similar to oil or hash, but much more potent – and more importantly, much more discrete). There are numerous ways to do a dab based on your device’s design, but for the sake of the ATMAN WG22, you simply take a lump of the dab you wish to do, heat the quartz nail (typically requires a blowtorch or some method of heating up reliably and quickly), set the silicone base in its position, then press the dab to the bottom of the quartz nail. Inhale, hold the vapor for a few seconds, then release – done!

The ATMAN WG22 Silicone Nectar Collector comes in a variety of interesting colors, which allows for the user to express their individuality. Most are patterned, and for example, the color combinations I found were red/yellow/green, blue/green/white, yellow/brown/green. For those wishing for an option without a design or pattern, there is a solid color edition that is available in yellow, black, blue, white and green.

The ATMAN WG22 folds itself up and is totally self-containing. This makes it great for storage or transportation – although it looks like the silicone head (where you inhale from) is loose, it is actually very tight and fits comfortable and does not roll in its position when being carried around. There is even an extra space to put a little dab storage container.

The ATMAN WG22 includes water filtration technology in

Several units that are ready to go

the silicone mouthpiece – the mouthpiece actually opens like an egg, and there is a tube where the vapor will travel through before eventually being inhaled. Put some ice cold water in there, maybe with a couple of ice cubes, and the dabs you take will be much more flavorful and thick. This is an outstanding idea, as I have never seen a dab rig that allows for the user to cool the vapor without some sort of other method, such as putting the entire dab rig into a refrigerator.

The ATMAN WG22 Silicone Nectar Collector is available online from the ATMAN website, where it is listed at $69.99. However, after a bit of googling and searching, there are a few other websites that offer the ATMAN WG22 for a cheaper price, but these websites should not be considered for some time – the WG22 was just released by ATMAN, so there is a large dispute if those products are actually ATMAN products or they are just trying to cash in on someone else’s name. Exercise discretion, and order directly from ATMAN’s website.


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