British Man Held In Dubai For Finger Gesture

A British man is now facing a jail term over a finger gesture he did during a road row in Dubai. The man said he is now facing a six month term in a Dubai prison for showing his middle finger at another driver.

The road row happened back in February when the man was driving to the airport in a rental car. He and his wife left the country but decided to visit again this month.

The British man returned to Dubai on September 10 and was detained at the airport. He told The Sun that he was released on bail but the situation has gotten worse since authorities confiscated his passport to prevent him from leaving. He has been in the country for nearly two weeks and said he is close to running out of money.

The man didn’t think the road row would get this far. He says he made the finger gesture to a driver who drove close to him and was flashing his lights. After doing the finger gesture, he continued driving and forgot about it.

During the road row, he says he pulled over and that the other people in the car were screaming at him. He responded by sticking his middle finger up and then drove off. The man thought it was just another road row and actually left the country with no problems.

He told The Sun that it’s something that happens in England all the time and that people don’t go to jail for it.

He explained that he decided to go back to Dubai for a holiday with his wife and that the scanner in passport control began beeping when they scanned him. He was detained shortly after.

Road rows happen all the time in most countries but the lawyer representing the British man says that behavior is illegal in Dubai. The lawyer hopes the city decides to issue a fine and not a prison sentence, which could be as high as six months.

The British man is said to be one of many tourists who have gotten in trouble over that kind of behavior in recent years. The lawyer said they have already dealt with a number of cases similar to his and that they often warn people from other countries about that.