Chess Federation Not Happy Over Treatment of Grandmaster

A Canadian Chess player abandoned a tournament after an organizer began complaining about his shorts. The incident happened minutes before an important match.

The news about the Canadian grandmaster leaving over the complaint and insults have caught the attention of Canada’s Chess Federation, which has already filed a complaint over the treatment. Anton Kovalyov wrote about the incident on Facebook. In the post, he explained that he abandoned the Chess tournament because an organizer began complaining about the shorts he was wearing at the event. The grandmaster says the organizer also called him a Gypsy.

The event took place in Georgia over the weekend and the incident happened just before his third round match. He decided to leave, losing the chance to continue in the tournament. He forfeited his prize money and also said in a Facebook post that his family had lost $3,000 over his decision to abandon the tournament.

The Canadian grandmaster said he had wore the shorts in previous rounds of the tournament and said there had not been any problems. He explained that the big issue here is not the shorts but the treatment he received by the organizer.

The Chess Federation of Canada is now looking for a solution since the grandmaster will be in an event with the same organizers next year. The federation is also not happy that an incident like this left one of its best players out of the tournament. The grandmaster had done well in previous rounds and looked like a strong competitor.

Kovalyov left the tournament over the complaints and insults and said he had not brought any other pants. He added that if he had been notified or asked about it, he would have bought pants at a mall. Kovalyov says he was treated like garbage and decided to leave before doing anything stupid.