CONMEBOL 2018 World Cup Qualifiers – Results and Upcoming Matches

The 2018 World Cup qualifiers returned just a few days ago and the results have left things even closer for some teams. The CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers are closer than ever, with just one team in for the tournament. The South American qualifiers will come down to the last few games of the schedule and fans can’t wait to see what happens. Here are the results and upcoming matches for the CONMEBOL qualifiers:

Brazil vs. Ecuador

Brazil continued its impressive run with a 2-0 win against Ecuador. The five time World Cup champions have won nine straight games and have pretty much secured a spot for the 2018 World Cup.

Ecuador will have to face Peru in its next match. The two teams are still in the race and will be looking for the three points later this week.

Chile vs. Paraguay

The biggest surprise was the result of the Paraguay – Chile game. Things went really bad for the two time Copa America champions, with an own goal from Vidal. Paraguay would go on to score two more goals to secure the three points and get back in the race. Chile remains in the World Cup spots but will have to face Bolivia at home. Bolivia is second to last in the qualifiers but playing them at home is always difficult due to the height and difficulty to breathe. Paraguay has a tough task ahead with Uruguay as its next opponent.

Venezuela vs. Colombia

Colombia, which entered as second in the group, was looking for the three points but a new and young Venezuela roster impressed throughout the 90 minutes. Venezuela playing at home has always been a tough matchup for Colombia, which is still not safe as second and fifth place are only separated by three points. Colombia will face Brazil next but the good news is that the five time champions have already qualified. Venezuela will play Argentina, which is desperately looking for the three points after a draw in its previous game.

Uruguay vs. Argentina

Uruguay and Argentina left with one point after a 0 – 0 draw. Argentina was looking to climb in the qualifiers as they currently sit in fifth place or the wild card spot. Uruguay will have to face Paraguay, which was pretty impressive in its previous game against Chile. Argentina plays last place Venezuela, the previous qualifier game between the two ended in a draw.

Peru vs. Bolivia

Peru got back in the race after a 2-1 win against Bolivia, which has just ten points in the qualifiers. Peru will face Ecuador next in a match that is extremely important as they both need the three points. Bolivia will play at home against Chile, which is looking for a win after a disappointing match against Paraguay.

The CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers are so close and the upcoming matches will be extremely important for at least seven teams in the group. Brazil is the only team that has qualified from South America while the four other spots are separated by just three points.

The 2018 World Cup is less than a year away and some teams are nearly in the tournament while others are looking at the wild card or working on their teams for future qualifiers. The European qualifiers are also underway and today, we saw Spain get closer to the World Cup by easily defeating Italy. The European qualifiers return on Monday while the South American qualifiers will happen on Tuesday.

What do you think about the qualifier results? Which teams do you think will impress in future qualifiers? Which teams have disappointed so far? Let us know in the comments.