Florida: Home Partially Swallowed By Sinkhole

A Florida home has been partially swallowed by a gigantic sinkhole, which has forced the family to evacuate.

The home survived the strong winds of Hurricane Irma, which hit the area just a few days ago. The house began sinking on Tuesday and emergency services were quickly called in.

A spokeswoman for the Orange County Fire Rescue says emergency services were called on Tuesday morning. The house began sinking, forcing family members to leave the right away. The spokeswoman said the sinkhole measured nearly 20 feet and is 15 feet deep. WKMG-TV reports that the sinkhole prompted the people living in the home to evacuate. The family members say they felt the ground shake.

The sinkhole partially swallowed the home, with the kitchen and bathroom being the most affected areas. One of the family members living in the home is Ellen Miller, who told reporters that she wasn’t sure what all the sounds were until she got up and saw the cracks in the wall. She said it is the only home she’s ever had. Miller says the family has lived in that house for 48 years.

The house, located in Apopka, was not damaged by Hurricane Irma, according to Miller. She says they only lost power during the storm.

In Florida, sinkholes are a huge danger to homes across the state. The family is just one of many who have seen their homes damaged by sinkholes in recent months. Last month, a sinkhole swallowed two homes and a boat. Some of the sinkholes have actually reopened, like the one that left a man dead back in 2013. That sinkhole reopened two years after it had been filled in.

The good news is that no one was injured during this scary incident. The family is a little sad over some of the lost items that had been with the family for years.