France: 15 People Injured By Lightning Strike

15 people were injured at a festival in France when a lightning struck the area. According to officials, two people were seriously injured during the incident, which happened as many were enjoying a music festival.

The regional council said in a statement that lightning struck in several areas nearby. The incident happened in northeast France. Many people attended the festival and officials confirmed that two children were injured by the lightning. The children were inside a tent when the lightning struck the area.

The regional council confirmed that two people had been seriously injured and that the victims were directly hit by the lightning. The injured suffered burns by the lightning strike.

The two people seriously injured by the lightning strike are a man and woman. The lightning strikes come during a time where there are usually many storms in France.

Many had attended the music festival, which was interrupted by the lightning strikes. Some of the people were outside while others were sitting in tents. The area was one of a few that saw lightning strikes.

The people injured during the incident were quickly attended by emergency teams at the music festival. They were later transported to nearby hospitals.

The lightning strike happened during the music festival and shortly after the incident, organizers decided to cancel the other performances.

The chances of being struck by a lightning are very small. According to experts, the chances of being killed by a lightning are 300,000 to one. In the US, between nine and ten percent of the people struck by lightning lose their lives. In other countries such as the UK, an average of three people are killed by lighting every year. In France, between 100 to 200 people are struck by lightning.

The incident earlier today is not the first to happen at a festival in Europe. Last year, 71 people were injured by a lightning strike at a German rock festival.