Hurricane Irma: Customers Complain Over High Amazon Water Prices

The most important supplies are usually sold out before a hurricane hits an area. That is currently happening in Florida, where water and other supplies are now gone from shelves. Those who have not had the chance to buy the supplies needed, have visited Amazon but many are complaining about the high water prices.

The online retailer is selling many of the supplies but some customers are finding third party sellers who are looking to make money off the difficult to find supplies.

On social media, users complained that many of the supplies were being sold for at least ten times their original price. One user posted an image of water bottles selling for $30. Another user posted an image of a water jug selling for more than $60.

Many of the customers tweeted the prices at the online retailer, which responded to the complaints. An Amazon representative said in a statement to NBC News that the company does not engage in surge pricing. The representative added that they are actively monitoring the site and removing the bottled water that is being sold at high prices.

The representative mentioned that the water sold by the site has quickly sold out, leaving just the offers from the third party sellers, which are pricing the water at extremely high prices. The representative also asked customers who see these high prices to contact Amazon customer service so they can investigate.

The images of the high prices are all said to be from third party sellers, who are the only ones appearing since the water sold by Amazon is already sold out.

Hurricane Irma, which experts now say is one of the most powerful storms in history, reached Puerto Rico just a few hours ago. The storm has already reached a few northern Caribbean islands, where at least three people have lost their lives.