Italy: Three New Cases of Chikungunya In Anzio

Three people have been diagnosed with chikungunya in the city of Anzio. The viral disease made headlines a few years back when many cases were reported across Latin America and other countries. The cases were reported shortly before the 2015 outbreak of the Zika virus, which is transmitted primarily through the bite of a mosquito.

Steps Taken To Stop It From Spreading

Chikungunya cases have dropped in recent years and while the viral disease is rarely fatal, it can lead to extreme pain all over the body. The three new cases reported in Anzio are said to be from people who caught the disease locally. The first cases of locally transmitted chikungunya in Italy were reported ten years ago.

Emergency services don’t know how the viral disease reached the area but they have taken steps to prevent it from spreading through mosquitoes. According to reports, some areas have now been fumigated to stop the mosquitoes. These viral diseases are rarely seen in the country but have reappeared in recent years. Earlier this month, a girl died of malaria in northern Italy. The disease had been gone for decades and this has led to an investigation into how she could have contracted the disease.

Severe Joint Pain and Other Symptoms

Chikungunya is spread by two types of mosquitoes. A lot of cases were reported across Latin America a few years back but the viral disease is rare in countries like Italy. Chikungunya is rarely fatal but the viral disease brings fever and joint pain. The worst part about the viral disease appears to be the joint pain, which could remain for weeks, months or even years. Other symptoms may include rash and headache. There is no vaccine or medicine to treat the virus but the duration can be about a week for some.