Monday, March 27, 2023

Italy: Woman Marries Herself In Luxurious Wedding

An Italian woman has decided to marry herself after her previous relationship ended after 12 years.

Laura Mesi had a big wedding, just like many other couples decide to do. The big difference is that she was marrying herself. The ceremony was joined by 70 family members and it had everything from a normal wedding. The self marriage is not legally recognized but Ms. Mesi made sure the ceremony was just like any other wedding. It was actually very luxurious as she paid more than $10,000 for her wedding cake. The cake had a figurine of herself on top.

The idea of marrying herself began crossing her mind when her relationship ended. According to the BBC, the woman’s 12-year relationship ended back in 2015. After the break-up, Ms. Mesi decided that she would marry herself if she didn’t find a partner by her 40th birthday.

Ms. Mesi’s plans were not just for a wedding, she also went on a honeymoon to Egypt. Pictures of the ceremony show Ms. Mesi wearing a white gown and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Ms. Mesi is not the first to do something like this but she says the ceremony doesn’t mean she’ll stop the search for a perfect partner. She doesn’t rule out marrying another person if she finds the perfect partner.

The family knew about her plans of self-marriage, according to local media. She told them that she would marry herself if she did not have a partner by her 40th birthday. The news about her ceremony and self-marriage quickly went viral.

Self-marriage is not legally recognized but Ms. Mesi isn’t the first to do this. In recent years, more and more people that have not found a perfect partner or have ended a relationship after many years, have decided to do the same.


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