Malaysia: School Fire Leaves At Least 25 Dead

A school fire in Kuala Lumpur has left at least 25 people dead. Reports say of the 25 dead, 23 were students while the other two were teachers.

According to officials, the fire broke out in the early hours of the morning in an upper room. An official of the fire department told the AFP that 23 students and two wardens had lost their lives.

Officials have not given any details on the students and teachers but the religious schools in the country usually take in children with ages from 5 to 18. The students and teachers were reportedly in the upper room, where the fire broke out.

The fire department was called shortly after the fire began and quickly arrived to the area. Officials said firefighters controlled the fire in less than an hour. Police were also in the area as firefighters worked on stopping the fire.

Videos and images of the fire have appeared online. The videos show the upper room on fire. Pictures after the fire showed heavy damage on the upper floor.

A government minister has already called for an investigation so that they can be able to prevent future disasters.

The fire has left at least 25 people dead but reports say many other people were rescued and taken to nearby hospitals. Emergency teams say some of the people rescued were suffering from smoke inhalation. Initial reports said 23 people had lost their lives in the fire.

The official who confirmed the deaths of the 25 students and teachers, thinks it is one of Malaysia’s worst fire disasters in the last 20 years.

Students live in many of the religious schools in the country but authorities have raised concerns about the safety measures at these schools because they are unregulated.

The cause of the fire is not yet known but a government minister has already called for an investigation.