Merkel Not Ruling Out European Union Sanctions Against Venezuela

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken on the current situation of Venezuela and is not ruling out EU sanctions against the South American country. The comments come after a meeting with opposition leaders.

The opposition leaders and Merkel’s office met earlier today in Germany. Julio Borges, the president of Venezuela’s assembly, was one of the opposition leaders who talked with Merkel. The comments on the sanctions come weeks after the US gave more sanctions to officials and the state oil company.

Merkel’s office said she didn’t rule out European Union sanctions to find a solution to the political and economic crisis. The German Chancellor also called for President Maduro to hold negotiations with the opposition and have a national dialogue.

In recent months, many Venezuelan government officials have been sanctioned. One of the many sanctioned was President Maduro. The sanctions came before and after the constituent assembly elections. The US had warned the Venezuelan government about the constituent assembly elections, saying there would be sanctions if they went ahead with it. The elections took place in July and the US government quickly announced sanctions.

The toughest sanctions came last month, when the US sanctioned an important part of the state oil company. The latest sanctions, which are said to be the toughest yet, prohibit dealings in new debt from the government or state oil company PDVSA.

The sanctions mean Americans cannot trade new bonds with the state oil company. Since the constituent assembly elections, other sanctions have also been rumored. One of them is a ban on crude trading, which experts say could be very bad for the country because most of its money comes from there. US President Donald Trump recently said it was looking at many options, including a military one. The Venezuelan government responded to those comments by announcing and holding military exercises.