Mexico: Death Toll In Earthquake Rises To 60

The strong earthquake that struck Mexico on Thursday has left at least 60 people dead. The magnitude 8.1 earthquake is actually the strongest of the year and also the strongest to hit Mexico in 100 years.

Most of the deaths reported happened near the epicenter. One of the hardest hit areas was Oaxaca, where more than 40 people lost their lives. Chiapa’s governor recently confirmed that 12 people had lost their lives there.

The strong earthquake has left hundreds of homes, hospitals and other buildings completely damaged. The government has reportedly ordered evacuations in some areas as a safety measure.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto said that at least a million people were left without electricity after the magnitude 8.1 earthquake. He also confirmed that most of them had their power restored later on Friday.

Aftershocks and Evacuations

Authorities are currently surveying the damage in schools, hospitals and other structures. The US Geological Survey has recorded at least 20 aftershocks since Thursday’s earthquake. A tsunami alert happened after the earthquake but the president and officials have ruled out a major risk. Schools have suspended classes in the hardest hit areas.

In the capital, people left buildings as the earthquake happened. According to recent reports, the airport suffered minor damages, including broken windows. Peña Nieto has also warned that major aftershocks could happen.

Recent Reports and Past Earthquakes

A death has also been reported in Guatemala. The president of Guatemala did not confirm the death, which reports say happened near the border with Mexico. There also reports of damages to buildings near the Guatemala – Mexico border.

The earthquake is the strongest in Mexico in 100 years. There have been a few 7.9 magnitude earthquakes this year but nothing as strong as Thursday’s earthquake in Mexico. In 1985, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck the capital, killing thousands of people and damaging thousands of buildings.