Mexico: Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Kills Dozens

A powerful earthquake that struck Central Mexico a few hours ago has left at least 79 people dead. A few minutes ago, several news sites reported that the death toll was 61 but the government recently said the death toll had risen to 79.

The magnitude 7.1 earthquake has reportedly left many trapped in collapsed buildings. Mexico State Governor Alfredo del Mazo confirmed that at least nine people had lost their lives in the state.

The most affected area is said to be Morelos. According to its governor, 42 people lost their lives in the state. The powerful earthquake comes just days after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck the southern coast. The earthquake left more than 50 people dead and was the strongest in the country in the last 100 years, according to experts and officials.

The earthquake earlier this month sent people fleeing from buildings in areas that were hundreds of miles away. The earthquake earlier this month had 62 aftershocks. The earthquake today struck on the anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, which left thousands dead.

The magnitude 7.1 earthquake left damages in Mexico City, where people quickly fled buildings when windows began breaking and objects began falling from walls. One witness said that the building that she was in had no stairs anymore only rocks. Other witnesses said they focused on calling family members in other places to see if they were okay.

Emergency services continue the search as reports say there are people trapped in collapsed buildings. Drone footage and images taken by people in the area show the destruction that the powerful earthquake left. Mexico City’s International Airport said on Twitter that it has suspended operations. The airport did not reveal how many flights have been affected by the suspension.

Just a few minutes ago, The Associated Press said on Twitter that the death toll had risen to 104.