Saturday, January 28, 2023

New Jersey: Family Uses Missing Child Report To Shoplift At Walmart

A Little Egg Harbor family used a missing child report to distract Walmart employees and shoplift. The incident happened at a Atlantic County Walmart, according to police.

A mother and son used the missing child report to steal at the store. Donna Hall and a friend Joseph Volpe were at a Walmart on Tuesday when they decided to lie to employees about the missing child. The police statement also said they were with Hall’s daughter.

The employees were told by one of the family members that Hall’s granddaughter was missing. They told employees that she had last been seen on the jewelry section of the store. Employees quickly began the search and actually closed the store. Police confirmed that officers also helped with the search of the missing child. Police said Hall later began saying that the child had left with a friend after they couldn’t find her in the store.

Everything the family had told employees and police was a lie. Volpe was not a friend but Hall’s son, according to police. There was also no missing child.

The mother and son used the missing child report to distract the employees at the store. The search began right away but the two had other plans. The report was used as a distraction to keep store employees on the search, according to police. While employees and police searched in the store, her son was caught on security camera stealing. He was caught on camera stealing clothes and candy placed at the front of the store.

Police discovered their plan shortly after and charged Donna Hall with creating a false alarm and shoplifting. Her son, who was first said to be her friend, received a number of charges, including shoplifting and heroin possession.

Police said they were both released but are scheduled to appear in court.

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