Nigeria: Boat Sinking Leaves Many Dead

Emergency services have confirmed that they have recovered the bodies of at least 33 people who lost their lives after a boat capsized in northwestern Nigeria.

Authorities believe the boat was over capacity when the incident happened. Emergency services also confirmed that they had rescued 84 people but that 30 were still missing. The boat had 150 passengers when it capsized.

Emergency services say the incident happened because the boat was way over capacity. The boat was traveling from neighbor Niger and the incident happened in Nigeria in the state of Kebbi.

The accident happened two days ago but details about the incident began surfacing on early Friday. The boat sank in the remote area of Lolo village. In recent years, similar incidents have happened with boats that are over capacity or have not received any maintenance for years.

The boat was carrying traders across the border from Niger. The group was reportedly planning to visit a market in Nigeria. An official of the country’s National Emergency Management spoke to the AFP and said that the boat was carrying 150 people plus everything that they brought. The boat only had a capacity of 70 passengers, which means that it was carrying a little over double its capacity.

Emergency services continue the search for the passengers but the official said that after having spent two days in the water, they presume they are all dead. Last month, 12 people lost their lives when a boat sunk. Similar accidents have also happened in recent years, with many of the boats involved over their capacity or not in good enough condition to travel.

Authorities have not given any details on those who lost their lives but according to reports, some were children. Emergency services rescued more than half of the passengers shortly after the accident but the search continues for the 30 people still missing.