Philippines: Commission On Human Rights Budget Dropped To $20

The public body investigating Philippine’s war on drugs and other human rights cases will get a huge drop in its budget for 2018. Lawmakers have voted to give the Commission on Human Rights an annual budget of $20. The commission is investigating the war on drugs that began when President Duterte took office.

The war on drugs has left thousands of people dead and critics say the budget drop is being proposed because the commission has criticized it.

The budget drop received major support in Congress, with 119 votes in favor and 32 against it. The budget drop requires approval in the Senate but opponents say it will likely be approved since President Duterte has the majority in Congress and Senate.

The war on drugs, which began last year, is looking to end the drug trade in the country. The move has been heavily criticized since thousands have been killed. The commission has been investigating and criticizing the war on drugs.

The commission requested a budget of $34 million for 2018 but the government requested a drop, which was less than half of what the commission had asked for. They now voted for a huge drop, which will leave the commission with a budget of just $20 for 2018 if approved. This year’s budget for the commission was $14.7 million. The budget drop was proposed in the second meeting of the Congress.

The Speaker of the House called the commission useless and asked them during an interview why they needed to get a budget from the government if they were not doing their job.

The huge budget drop for next year still needs to be approved by the Senate but since the government holds the majority in Congress and Senate, opponents believe it will likely happen. Critics say this would bring an end to the commission, which is currently investigating the controversial war on drugs that began in June 2016.