Samsung Could Release Foldable Smartphone Next Year, Report Says

In 2016 and 2017, smartphone makers have turned to screens that stretch from edge to edge. Xiaomi was one of the first to do it at the end of last year with the Mi Mix. Samsung, LG, Apple and a few other companies have continued that but the world’s top smartphone maker might be thinking about a totally different smartphone for 2018.

Samsung has the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 but its lineup could be a little different next year. The Associated Press reports that Samsung’s mobile head Koh Dong-Jin said during a conference in South Korea that the company wants to release a foldable smartphone next year.

The company is reportedly thinking about a phone with a bendable display. This is something that’s never been done before and Koh mentioned that there are several hurdles to overcome before this can happen. The reports about a foldable Samsung smartphone are nothing new and the company showcased a prototype four years ago.

It appears that Samsung is really interested in having a foldable smartphone. In the past, reports have mentioned that Samsung was planning to unveil more prototypes of foldable smartphones in 2017. The bendable smartphone that Samsung is thinking about is said to be under the Note brand.

Screens that stretch from edge to edge were the big change for many smartphones this year but things could soon change. A foldable smartphone would be a first but Samsung isn’t the only one interested in the idea. A few other companies are also looking to create a smartphone with a bendable display.

Foldable smartphones are still some time away but 2018 could be the year when we start seeing more of that technology.

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