Spain: Car Ploughs Into Crowd Outside Bar

A car has rammed a crowd that was sitting outside of a bar in Spain. Police say it was an attack but have not confirmed if the incident is linked to the ones that happened last month.

The incident happened outside of a bar in the city of Huelva, Spain. The bar was packed and many were drinking outside when it happened. The crowd feared it was a terrorist attack, according to witnesses. Some even grabbed chairs to defend themselves against the vehicle.

A short video of the incident has been released and it shows the driver getting out and escaping. Police have already arrested the driver but have not revealed his name.

Police have not confirmed what started it but did say it may have been an attack for something that happened earlier that night. They say a fight had happened a few hours earlier.

A city official said people suffered panic attacks because they understood that there was a vehicle. Last month, van attacks left more than ten people dead and many more injured. The first attack happened in Las Ramblas, a popular area in the city. Days later, the government confirmed that the terror cell had been dismantled.

In the video, taken by witnesses and released by local media, people are seen gathering around the vehicle and throwing items, including chairs and other furniture. The vehicle was abandoned in the middle of the road.

The attack comes as security in the country is still on high alert following the two attacks last month. Authorities have confirmed that two men were injured when the car rammed the crowd sitting outside the bar.

Police believe the attack may have happened as a revenge for a fight that happened earlier. Police have arrested the driver but have not given any more details on the incident.