Texas: Elderly Woman Sues Red Lobster Over Alcohol and Fall

A woman is filling a lawsuit against Red Lobster after she says the restaurant gave her too much alcohol. She claims she was served too much alcohol, which then led to a fall that left her with a broken hip.

Fall Leads To Multiple Injuries

According to the Houston Chronicle, the 82-year-old woman visited a Red Lobster restaurant earlier this year after walking from her senior living community, which is located nearby. The woman left the restaurant but fell in the parking lot. The fall left her with a number of injuries, including a broken hip and right arm.

The woman was taken to a hospital shortly after the fall and she was told that her blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit. The hospital also told her that she would need a total hip replacement. The woman blames the fall and injuries on the restaurant serving her a lot of alcohol.

Too Much Alcohol, She Says

The incident happened back in March but the woman is now filing a lawsuit. She claims in the lawsuit that the restaurant served her too much alcohol. According to reports, she alleges in the lawsuit that the restaurant sold, served and provided alcoholic beverages until she was drunk.

The problem is nothing new as the lawsuit mentions that this is something that’s happened with other residents of the senior living community. In the lawsuit, it is also stated that her daughter tried to stop this from happening after having multiple conversations with them.

It is the third lawsuit filed against the popular chain of restaurants. Back in July, Summerfest sued the chain of restaurants over their use of a slogan in advertisements. Later that month, a former manager also sued the chain of restaurants for failing to pay him overtime.