Top 3 Chinese Drones Under $100 – 2018 Edition

Drones are a great new technological advancement and it has many different applications. While some drones can be expensive, we thought we would focus on the top three Chinese drones under $100. You do not need to have a super expensive drone to get a high-quality video. There are many great Chinese drones out there under $100 that will do just as good of a job, if not better, than some of the more expensive drones. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a drone, check out these three Chinese drones that are under $100. We have even provided you with the coupon code that you can enter to save even more money on these three drones during the special promotions.

Best Chinese Drones Under $100- Coupon Codes & Promotions

VISUO XS809W Quadcopter

One of the best Chinese drones under $100 we wanted to talk about is the VISUO XS809W foldable selfie quadcopter. This drone features a 720P camera as well as a G-sensor and a 120-degree wide angle. You will love the first-person view you will get with the VISUO XS809W because it has Wi-Fi transmission. The Wi-Fi transmission will allow you to easily take flight and get great video quality. There is a one-key return and headless mode on this done, and you have both a high and low speed mode too.

You get an amazingly stable flight with the 6-axis flight controls and the foldable design makes this drone very easy to transport and carry. Did we mention this drone does 3D flips? You can adjust the angle on the camera since it is designed to tilt. There is a 2.0MP camera that gives you a wide-angle high-definition resolution. The VISUO XS809W also has a very unique design on the fuselage, and features a height hold function and barometer. If you would like to make this drone easier to control, you can upgrade to the 2.4G 4CH transmitter. You can learn more about the VISUO XS809W by clicking here and heading to the product page. Once again, you can use the coupon code HYPGR01 to get $10 off this drone. This coupon code is valid through October 31, 2017.

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There is also a special promotion going on for the JJRC H47 WIFI FPV drone. This is one of the best Chinese drones that you will find under $100 and features a 720P camera with a G-sensor and altitude hold. This is a foldable RC quadcopter that allows you to quickly and easily take selfies. The JJRC H47 WIFI FPV done comes with a carrying case and two extra batteries. This drone does 3D flips which gives you the chance to pull off some really cool stunts.

You can switch to Flight Planning with this drone and draw out the route on the drone screen. This means that your drone will fly the exact flight path that you designed in auto-pilot. There is a barometer built into the JJRC H47 WIFI FPV drone and it also comes with headless mode. You can use the Wi-Fi controls to put out live videos in real-time. There is an emergency stop on the drone as well as a one-key start option. There is so much to this drone, you really have to click here to head to the official product page and see all of the details of the JJRC H47 WIFI FPV for yourself. There is a Flash Sale going on right now for the JJRC H47 WIFI FPV, so head to the page and get the amazing deal while you can!

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Last on our list of the best Chinese drones under $100 we have the JJRC H37 Mini BABY ELFIE. This is a first-person view quadcopter that features a grip controller and a 720P camera. The 720P camera is 2MP and it can pull off really fun 3D flips. This selfie drone comes with two extra batteries and an aerial photography beauty mode. This allows you to take better videos and pictures while up in the air.

There is a G-sensor which allows you to move the drone in the direction you are moving your smartphone. The gravity control gester and built-in barometer are great additional features that will help you stay stable in the sky. You also have real-time transmission abilities with Wi-Fi, which means you can record and capture instantly. There is also a headless mode with the JJRC H37 Mini BABY ELFIE. One way that this drone is different from the others is that it comes with three batteries and not two, which is a good thing for many people. There are so many details and features to the JJRC H37 Mini BABY ELFIE that you need to really click here to check out the product for yourself. You can get $10 off the price through October 31 by entering coupon code HYPGR02 during checkout.

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