UEFA Opens Investigation Against PSG Over Financial Fair Play

UEFA has opened an investigation against PSG over Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations. In recent weeks, the club has set transfer records by signing Neymar. The club shocked everyone a few days ago when it signed Kylian Mbappe on loan, which could be worth up to 180 million euros next year.

PSG has spent money on star players in the past but in just one month, the club has made the two most expensive transfers in history. Neymar joined PSG from Barcelona after a 222 million euro transfer. The FFP rules require clubs to balance their spending with their revenue.

In 2014, PSG was among a few clubs who received fines for breaking spending rules. The Neymar signing last month had already raised questions on whether the club was breaking the FFP rules. The loan signing a few days ago brought those questions again. PSG spent 222 million euros but the loan deal could increase that to 400 million euros.

UEFA released a statement saying that the investigation would focus on the compliance of the club with the break even rules, particularly over its recent transfer moves. The club released a statement saying it was surprised since it always keeps UEFA informed about its operations.

In 2011, Qatari investors acquired full control of the club. After the acquisition, the club began rebuilding and becoming a big buyer during the transfer windows. In 2013, PSG broke the French league transfer record by signing Edinson Cavani for 64 million euros. The previous year, the club spent more than 50 million euros on signing Ibrahimovic and Silva.

On August 23 and 31, the club says one of its officials met with officials from the UEFA Financial Fair Play. In the first meeting, the club showed the operations between Barcelona and the one being discussed with Monaco. On the second meeting, the club provided a more detailed account on the transaction with Monaco.