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Who is in Team 10? Updated Roster of “Jake Paulers”

Unless you have been residing under a rock lately, you have most likely at least heard of Team 10. They have repeatedly been the subject of news and clickbait alike for things such as noise complaints and angry and confused neighbors, who called the group’s common house “a living hell” and a “war zone.” Seeing as the group of social media influencers once launched various pieces of furniture in their pool – which was empty at the time – and lit them on fire, it doesn’t seem far off the mark. Maybe they’ve never heard of donating to Goodwill? What is the purpose of Team 10, and their fraternity style house? Let’s take a look.

What is Team 10?

Is this a Punk’d style secret reality show, except in real life where the neighbors have to deal with the actual consequences such as the occasional fire, and the large groups of dedicated fans/transients that routinely camp out in the yard? While it seems like that would be a valid explanation, Team 10 was founded by Jake Paul as “an incubator for social media talent.” When they are not partying and annoying the neighbors, they are training the new crop of social media influencers, building their audience, and collaborate to make new content. They use their talents to make money and grab endorsement deals, ad revenue and peddle merch. According to an article in Forbes magazine, Jake’s lofty goal is to make Team 10 a social influencer force that is bigger than the Kardashians. But just who is involved?

Who are the exclusive Team 10 members?

Jake Paul

The ringleader behind Team 10 is just 20 years old. Jake Paul was born on January 17th, 1997 in Cleveland Ohio. Before Vine, a social media app where users could upload 6-second videos shut down in 2016, Jake had built his following from zero followers up to 5.3 million. The exposure from his Vine fame earned Jake a role in a Disney Channel show called Bizaardvark. He started Team 10 in late January of 2017 with the backing of various large investors such as Sound Ventures, Horizon Alpha, and Vaynor Capital. They generated over a million dollars in funding. I’m sure that money was needed as he is currently renting a $17,000 a month mansion in Beverly Grove, Los Angelos. Due to the legal issue, that Jake is regarding the behavior of him and his housemates, he was terminated from his role on the Disney Channel.

Erika Costell

This 23-year-old joined Team 10 officially on June 27, 2017. She was born on November 12th, 1993 in Michigan. She started out as a cheerleader who wanted to be a model. She achieved that dream when she was just 16, and Larry Murdock brought her along to a photo shoot. Now she has done tons of shoots in the fitness genre, as well as more risque photos involving lingerie. She started her Youtube channel off with a bang – her first vlog involved a dual wedding in Vegas. It appears that she and Jake are legally married – which seems like a pretty high stakes prank if it’s true.

Alex Lang

Alex Lang, the otherworldly 16-year-old French- South African Instagram model, was born on March 3rd, 2001 in Paris France. After he moved to Los Angeles, he became a part of Jake Paul’s Team 10. He is following in the footsteps of his older brother Matthieu Lange, who is also an Instagram model. His Instagram fame eventually led to getting a part on the CBS drama Code Black. He started his own YouTube channel in 2016 and started doing crossover videos with other members of the elite group.

Tessa Brooks

This 18-year-old is a dancer with The Pulse on Tour, which its website calls “THE POWERFUL weekend dance event (which features) the top choreographers and instructors in the industry today.” Tessa  Brooks was born on April 5th, 1999 in California. She performed at various large events such as the Miss California Pageant, Disney’s Next Big Thing, and the Haiti Benefit Concert. Tessa is multitalented, appearing in commercials as an actress, and as a print model for Coca-cola and Sketchers. With all that experience under her belt, Tessa is certainly an asset to Team 10. She was dating fellow team member Chance Sutton until they broke up in late summer of 2017. I guess all their unsold “Chessa” t-shirts will go to waste.

Chance Sutton

One of the older members of Team 10, Chance Sutton was born in Lakewood, Ohio on September 2nd, 1996. At 21 years old, he’s older than most of the other members of Team 10, even Jake Paul. Like Jake, he originally was a star on Vine before moving over to Youtube. Chance was often on Jake’s Vine videos, and he is now sharing a channel with Anthony Trujillo, another member of the social media influencer group. The two have almost 2.5 million subscribers on their joint Youtube channel, which is appropriately named Chance and Anthony.

Anthony Trujillo

The second member of the Youtube channel Chance and Anthony is also 21 years old. He is another Ohio native who was born on May 4th, 1996. Anthony is besties with Jack Paul and Chance, who he knew growing up. This member of Team 10 has 2.3 million followers on his personal Instagram account, which is impressive for only having 78 posts. Most of Anthony’s posts are Team 10 live show or paintball related.


Tristan Tales

Tristan Tales has his own branded fidget spinner for sale on his Fanjoy page which prompts its users to “Stay Dizzy.” This is not the most interesting fact about Tristan, but it is the funniest to me. He was born on August 21st, 1994 in San Diego California. He was so popular on Snapchat that scored a Snapchatter of the Year nomination for the Shorty Awards. Many of his Snapchat stories have gone viral. A major part of Team 10, he has also been involved with huge brands such as Coca-Cola, AwesomenessTV, and Red Bull. Tristan began sharing his Snap stories on his Youtube channel, which earned him even more exposure.

Chad Tepper

This 25-year-old is practically an old man in the Team 10 house. Chad was born in Florida on May 7th, 1992. He joined the group in July of 2017, and before that he was a reality show star. In 2011, Chad Tepper appeared on True Life, a TV documentary series on MTV. Following that, Chad performed on an episode of Young and Married, as well as E’s Hollywood Cycle and Spike Tv’s Ink Master. Now, the young social media star is building his audience and creating content alongside his group member’s in Jack Paul’s house. If you have an iPhone or other Apple product, you can get an app with Chad’s most famous catchphrases such as “Honey you hit!” All this for the low price of $0.99, and since the latest update included new sound, you cant afford not to get it.

Kade Speiser 

This 22-year-old Instagram star was born on July 29th, 1995 in Detriot Michigan. Kade had his humble beginnings as a photographer and a videographer based out of Los Angelos, California. Since he had the production and editing experience, Kade quickly became the head of content with Team 10. There are rumors of the photographer dating fellow TeamDom member Alissa Violet, but the two have denied the claim and told the world that they were just friends.


Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts is a Youtube star and the youngest member of Team 10. Born on August 17th, 2002, the youth is just sixteen years old. Don’t discount his talent by how young he is, however. Dubbed the “Freshman” by other people within the team house, as well as his fans, Justin has been collaborating in comedy sketches with his fellow TeamDom stars and making his own travel videos. Justin recently spent his birthday among celebrities such as Drake, and of course the rest of Team 10. Some of his videos have millions of views and but Justin is clearly still growing his audience as his Youtube channel only has 189,000 subscribers.

Nick Crompton

This twenty-two-year-old marketing genius was born on February 5, 1995, in Bradford England. He had his own Youtube channel before joining Team 10, and he was the co-founder for his own social media marketing agency known as Social Chain when he was just 20. The website for that agency advertised “social-first marketing to suit all objectives.” Social CHain has worked with such large brands as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Universal, and 20th Century Fox. Nick’s work with that group got him noticed by Jake Paul, and he became the Chief Operations Officer for Team 10. He recently released a song with Jake Paul called England is my City. He received a lot of flack for his rap in that song, as England is, of course, not a city. Team 10 is probably using that negative attention to their advantage – after all, there’s no such thing as bad press. It spawned a bunch of memes, and people are still going back to check out the original video.

Who is out of the group?

It seems like Team 10 is a bit of a misnomer, as it has more influencers than just 10, and is gaining more as it searches for more talent. However, even though the group was just started in January, it has already lost a substantial amount of people. Most of them left in a pretty dramatic fashion, so let’s take a look at those people and why they left the Team 10 house, or the social media collaboration group altogether.

Alissa Violet

They say that you should never date your coworkers, and Alissa’s story seems to be the manual for why that is a bad idea. Alissa was one of the founding members of Team 10 but was unceremoniously thrown out of the team house after the breakup, claiming that she found a lock on her room door, and all her stuff was downstairs in a pile. They both took to social media to drag each other through the mud, each of them claiming infidelity. Jake claimed that Alissa broke his heart, and she says that he acted like it wasn’t that official when they were together. The whole thing was messy and brutal.

Regardless, Alissa Violet continues to succeed despite no longer being part of the crew. She is an Instagram model with about 6 million followers who is signed to Next Models. Her personal Youtube channel is also still thriving – Alissa has over 2.5 million subscribers on the video sharing platform.

Neels Visser

One of the founding members of the group, Neels Visser left Team 10 in September of 2017. The 18-year-old is a model who is signed by IMG Worldwide. He originally gained popularity on Vine, and his videos had over 50 million views on the platform before it shut down and stopped accepting new submissions. Team 10 announced on its website that he was going on to pursue his modeling career. Neels has not publically dragged the group like some of the others who have left have done, but he is making videos and collaborating with Jake’s ex, Alissa Violet. This could suggest that his loyalty lies elsewhere.

Lucas & Marcus Dobre

These identical twin brothers were born in Maryland on January 28th, 1999. They have a joint YouTube channel where they have over 5 million subscribers. Not too shabby. Like many of the current and former Team 10 members, the brothers got their start on Vine before moving over to other mediums. They were originally living in the Los Angelos Team 10 house, but they ended up leaving in April of 2017, citing homesickness. The other set of twins in Team 10, the Martinez Twins, said that there was a dispute between the two teams of brothers, but Brothers Dobre have refuted that claim. Their videos are still immensely popular, so leaving the team has not had any ill effects on their social media status.

AJ Mitchell

This talented 16-year-old started an account on Instagram in 2013 and used it to promote clips of his song covers. This earned him a spot in a People magazine Snapchat story about Instagram musicians.  He is now on Youtube, and choose to leave Team 10 to pursue his music career. He released an original single on Youtube and is currently touring. AJ describes his departure from Team 10 house as amicable, and thanks them for what they have done for him.

Max Beaumont

Max was a founding member of Team 10. He started his internet presence early, building a website when he was 10 years old, and developed a mobile game when he was only 12. With his drive for tech, and his entrepreneurial spirit, Max will surely succeed outside the realm of Team 10, but what caused him to leave in the first place? Rumor has it that he left the team due to drama between the team and a friend of his, FaZe Banks involving an alleged assault at a club. Pretty heavy stuff for 20-year-olds. Clearly, he doesn’t appreciate the way Jake treats people and had to get out to show his story.

Since leaving the group, Max has been busy running The Beaumont Studios in Vancouver Canada and creating new websites and apps.

Martinez Twins

While the Martinez Twins did leave the Team 10 house to go back to Spain, they are planning on returning. They’ve made a vlog on their collaborative Youtube channel outlining issues that they were having with the Dobre twins shutting them out and being mean to them, but they claimed that this is not why they left. Both Ivan and his twin Emilio are active on all of the usual social media sites, as well as He and his brother have an impressive number of fans on the platform – over 2.5 million.

Team 10 is an interesting group of collaborators. it seems impossible that they are getting anything done with all the partying, but Jake and his minions are clearly getting stuff done while also managing to ruin the lives of their neighbors. If you would like to apply to become a social media expert, you can do so on their website. Their qualifications, I imagine, would be a passion for social media and content creation, a thick skin, and the willingness to party and start drama at a moment’s notice.

Ariel Leather
Ariel is a freelance writer, Etsy seller, and Internet money-making quasi-expert living in New Jersey. She is pursuing her A.A. In Marketing at Brookdale Community College. Ariel enjoys traveling, hiking, unnecessary impulse purchases, and making things with her hands.


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