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Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Review – iOS and Android

If your phone is sick, who can you call to fix it? Why, you can call Dr. Fone, of course! The Dr. Fone toolkit is an all-encompassing solution for any iOS or Android device. If you constantly worry about your phone breaking and all your data, which could include precious or sensitive items, being lost, then Dr. Fone is available to help alleviate your worries.

Dr. Fone, as mentioned above, is available for both Android and iOS. Simply put, it’s a great quality-of-life tool and insurance against breaking/damaging your phone and losing all your data. Of course, if you are looking for a more simple use, it also backs up your information to the cloud. Some features are available on iOS but not Android, and vice versa, so to keep things I’ll go over each version independently.

iOS Dr. Fone

The iOS version of Dr. Fone has many, many features; starting with backup and recovery is a good point. The IOS version has data recovery, system recovery, and backup and restore. In other words, it can recover your personal user data (songs, videos, pictures, documents, etc) and your phone data (settings, network settings/information, app permissions… stuff like that). The data can be set to be backed up onto a cloud server, where it can be accessed from the Dr. Fone website or application.

The Dr. Fone user interface’s first screen

It also has a data eraser, which works from any remote location – folders that have been given the correct permissions will appear in the Dr. Fone interface, which allows you to both view your personal user data. If a network is available, Dr. Fone will request that your phone sync the current version of whatever document or file you are viewing. You can also delete the data, but if no network is available or the phone is not online, then Dr. Fone will receive the instructions at the next reconnect.

Dr. Fone also allows for backup of certain apps, such as WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, and Viber, which are all very useful if you use those applications to communicate. Dr. Fone is available with every iPhone starting with the iPhone 5s, SE, and 6, as well as every iPad and the 6th generation iPod Touch. Each device can be connected to the same account, which means you don’t have to go and buy a Dr. Fone license for each device you have. Dr. Fone also helps to guide iOS users through upgrading their device to the latest firmware.

Android Dr. Fone

Similar to the iOS version, Dr. Fone has data recovery and backup available. However, a few other unique features come bundled in the Android version; for one, you can root your phone directly from the app. This is an incredible feature, as rooting a device (granting the phone permission to edit the root directory) is a complicated task but opens up so much of the phone’s core functions. On top of that, you can also remove the lock screen and even unlock your SIM card. Unlocking your SIM card, for example, allows you to take a Verizon phone and use it on Sprint cellular networks.

The Android version of Dr. Fone comes with a screen recorder, which is something that is not present on the iOS version. However, it will not allow you to backup information from apps, although the applications typically store information within your Google Play account that you can use in the event of a total data loss.

Both Versions/More Information

Both versions of Dr. Fone are equipped with the “MobileTrans” function, which essentially allows your phone to transfer data from or to another source (a tablet, computer, network-attached-storage, etc). Also included is the “MirrorGo” function, which will allow your phone to stream its screen to a device (namely televisions/smart televisions). This requires a compatible device, so for Android, almost any Android-compatible device will work, but for Apple devices, an Apple TV is the only device that will work.

Dr. Fone comes as a one-time purchase, but each module must be purchased separately. For example, the Android Data Eraser toolkit costs $19.95, the Root toolkit costs $29.95, or it can be simply bundled for $49.94. The full suite of tools is available for a one-time purchase of $119.95, which includes a lifetime license. The variety in Dr. Fone’s bundles and modules allows for the user to purchase only what they need, or to save a bit of money and get all the tools at once.

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