Monday, March 27, 2023

Amazon Announces Program For Indoor Deliveries

Amazon has announced a new program that will allow packages to be delivered inside their homes. The Amazon Key program, announced on Wednesday, is for Prime members and requires a couple of devices to work.

Amazon Key needs the Amazon Cloud Cam, an internet connected security camera that costs $120. The program also requires a smart lock, which allows delivery people to enter the home and place the package inside.

The Amazon Key program is the latest addition to its Prime membership. Many customers may not be okay with letting someone enter their home when they are not there but the camera is for the customers to watch the entire delivery. The program is also a new option of package delivery which leaves the order safely inside the customers home. Traditional package delivery is not bad but the new program is a solution to package theft, which happens often in some places.

The lock and camera combos start at $250, which is a lot of money to be part of the program. But the option is a good one for those who order expensive items or regularly order on Amazon and don’t want their packages to be dropped off outside. If you’re interested on the option but don’t know much about installing cameras or tech devices, the company is also offering free installation.

The idea of letting delivery people place packages inside unattended homes may sound crazy to some customers but Amazon is trying to let everyone know that it could be watched as it happens. The online retailer will alert customers when the delivery is about to happen so they can watch it live on their phone.

The company said that through an encrypted authentication process, each delivery driver that requests access to a customer’s home is verified so that it is the right driver, at the right address and on the set time. The online retailer added that once the process is completed, the Amazon Cloud Cam starts recording and the door is then unlocked.

The Amazon Key program is just a few days away from its debut. The company said that it will launch in 37 US cities on November 8. Customers can see if they’re eligible for the program by putting in their zip code.

The Amazon Key program comes just weeks after Walmart announced that it was testing a service that would take groceries to the customers fridge. Walmart’s grocery option is being done in partnership with August Home, a tech company that works on home security.


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