Apple Reportedly Fires Engineer After Daughter Posts Video of iPhone X

A video that showed Apple’s upcoming phone has led to an engineer losing his job. Last week, a YouTube vlogger posted a video showing off the iPhone X.

The video of Apple’s upcoming phone went viral but it appears that the company wasn’t too happy about the phone appearing in a video before its official release.

The iPhone X seen in the video reportedly belongs to her father. The vlogger showcased a number of features and the video went viral shortly after. The video was actually on the top of the trending list on the video site.

The video was later removed but the engineer was reportedly fired for it. The vlogger released a new video on the weekend explaining what happened. She explained that the video was taken down at the request of Apple. She also mentioned that her father was fired. The engineer is seen in the video using the iPhone X but then he gives it to his daughter.

The iPhone X was unveiled by the company last month and many of its big features were revealed during the event. Apple’s premium phone comes with all the big changes that we didn’t see on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

The iPhone X is no secret as it is just a few days away from its release but Apple probably doesn’t like its big release appearing in videos right before its debut.

The Apple iPhone X pre-orders started on October 27 and the news were good for the company. The phone was reportedly sold out in minutes, with the company saying demand is off the charts. Shipments were pushed back to November and then December after the pre-orders started.

The Apple iPhone X is doing well for the company but sales haven’t been so good for the iPhone 8, according to recent reports. The iPhone 8 is similar to the iPhone 7, with minor improvements such as a glass back that allows wireless charging.

The iPhone X, announced last month, will be released on November 3.