Australia: Dad Sues Son and Friend After Car Crash

A dad has taken his son and his son’s friend to court after they crashed his cargo tray truck. The two borrowed the family’s truck and completely destroyed it after a drunken rollover.

The crash happened when his son allowed his friend to drive the truck when he was drunk. The dad was awarded $16,000 in compensation. Pictures of the crash show the front and top of the truck completely destroyed.

The crash left the family without a truck but the NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal was told that they had reached an agreement with the friend in which he would pay everything back. The agreement was never completed and the dad was forced to sue.

The tribunal was told that his son had the permission to drive the truck but only on the condition that he had not been drinking. The two have admitted that they were intoxicated and over the legal blood alcohol limit.

Their story on what happened that night is a little different. His friend says he insisted on him driving the truck while the son says he doesn’t know how he got the keys. The two visited a few bars before deciding to go on a hunting trip.

The dad decided to sue only his friend at first but his son was later added to the claim. His son also said in a declaration that he shared some of the blame with his friend. In the declaration, he says that his friend has to pay back part of the cost but that he believes that they should be sharing 50-50.

The decision ended up being what he suggested, with the judge ordering the two to pay 50 percent of the costs or $8,000 each. The judge also suspended the license of the son’s friend for six months.