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BLUBOO Showing Off New Products at Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair

There is going to be a Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair that will be going in from October 18, 2017 through October 21, 2017. This exhibition is going to be at the AsiaWord-Expo in Hall 7. During this exhibition, many different manufacturers will be showing off new products, including BLUBOO. New conceptual models and equipment will also be found during this exhibition.

BLUBOO is one of the many manufacturers that will be in attendance, and this name might sound familiar to you. BLUBOO is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the foreign markets. BLUBOO will be showing off some more new products at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair. This is all happening at the 7M24 Booth. We have a lot of information about the new products that BLUBOO will be showing off at this event that we wanted to share with you.

BLUBOO Showcasing New Products During Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair

We wanted to show you what BLUBOO has to offer by giving you this detailed list of the new products. There are so many new products that BLUBOO will be showcasing during this exhibition. The D2Pro, S8+, and S8 Lite have not even been released officially yet. The BLUBOO S2 will also likely make an appearance at this event. When it comes to the BLUBOO S2, it is the first full-screen smartphone with four cameras in the world.

The Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair is the best place to go to find new products and get details on products not yet released by these manufacturers. BLUBOO is going to continue to strive to make very affordable products while also maintaining a high-quality level. If you will be attending this exhibition, make sure you stop by where BLUBOO is setup to see all of these latest products.

BLUBOO 1-Year Store Anniversary Sale Happening Now

Another cool thing we wanted to tell you about is the 1-year anniversary party for the BLUBOO store. The official store is having a huge sale to celebrate the 1-year anniversary, so you definitely should be checking that out. The BLUBOO S1 and S8 are both having the best and biggest discount of them all. You will find the BLUBOO S1 is on sale for $149.99 right now, with the BLUBOO S8 being $147.99. If you would like to check out all of the sales during the 1-year anniversary promotion, you can click here to see all of the good deals.





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