Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day – Why Are You Still Skipping It?

Look, you know this. You’ve been told it a thousand times before. It’s important that we all eat breakfast, but the statistics say that we just don’t. Half of all Brits regularly don’t bother, and the figure for Australians is almost exactly the same. The “most important meal of the day” part of it isn’t just a saying that people repeat for the fun of it, it’s got so many truths. But the cycle continues…

How Can We Stop This?

It seems that a lot of people are missing out because they simply don’t have the time. When people can spend an extra 15 minutes in bed, that’s often much more welcome in their busy lives. We have hectic work, social and family schedules, and so factoring in not only eating a whole other meal, but shopping and preparing it, often falls by the wayside, especially if it’s not a regular part of your routine.

Thankfully, there are more and more breakfast restaurants, making things a lot simpler to grab on the go. Try to be careful that you’re not over-consuming calories, and actually choose something nutritious. You could even get breakfast delivered direct to the office, if time is really against you. This is one way to ensure that you still get something to kick-start your day, even if you are chained to your desk!

Make your options tasty. Don’t just stick to cereal and toast – most of the time, it’s so uninspiring that it’s no wonder you’re often giving it a miss. Keep things varied with fruit, pastries, pancakes and hot meals, combining a variety of flavour palettes, just as you would at literally any other time of the day. Given this meal’s importance, it’s really time we started acting like it.

Why Should We Change?

There are so many reasons why eating breakfast is a great idea. You’re only doing yourself a disservice if you don’t pay attention. We’ve all heard what we’re doing wrong, but do you know why?

It doesn’t look too good for us breakfast-skippers, to be frank. Everything from your weight through to your memory can be affected if you miss out. Studies say that your cognitive function will drastically improve by eating at the beginning of the day, which makes sense – after all, you’re quite literally giving your body fuel.

The reason for weight gain when you skip breakfast is to do with your metabolic rate. Eating first thing quite literally jump starts it, which can be a key for people who are trying to lose the pounds, who simply can’t.

Of course, some of us aren’t worried about weight (lucky), and somehow manage to perform just fine. Unfortunately, health concerns can still catch up with us, with stuff that’s going on below the surface. Illness such as heart disease and diabetes has unfortunately been found to be more prevalent in those who don’t get their square three meals in a day.

Morning w/ 3 cups” (CC BY 2.0) by with wind

With some simple lifestyle and diet changes, your body and mind will thank you for it. And, if you keep things varied, it doesn’t even need to be hard.