British Father Detained After £20 Note Ordeal To Be Released

A British father detained in Dubai for carrying a single fake note will be freed tonight, according to reports.

Bill Barclay was detained in front of his family after handing over a fake Scottish note. He was facing up to a year in jail for the fake money but lawyers have revealed that he will be freed later today.

Mr. Barclay was detained and held in a cell for 12 hours, according to his partner Monique Fleming. During that time, police searched his hotel room.

The family thinks the fake note may have been given to them in change back in Scotland. Mr. Barclay was released after police didn’t find any counterfeit cash in his room.

Mr. Barclay didn’t think much of the incident and decided to return to Dubai for a holiday last month. The family went through customs but Mr. Barclay was stopped over what happened in his previous visit. He was detained for 72 hours and was facing up to a year in jail. His passport was confiscated.

The family returned home but Mr. Barclay has been stranded in Dubai for two weeks. His lawyer said today that the tourism development authority would return his passport at 20:30 local time. The lawyer also said that Mr. Barclay had been told that authorities would take him to the airport and that he would be reunited with his family soon.

Mr. Barclay says he was told he could return to the country but was stopped with his family at the airport on September 15. His family returned home but his partner immediately began moving to free him and clear his name.

Mr. Barclay says he was stopped because the computer showed him as still wanted for the counterfeit cash. The ordeal now appears to be over as he will receive his passport later today.

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