Dubai Police Tests Hovering Motorbikes

Dubai police have some of the best cars in the world but they are testing technology that’s only seen in movies. We’re talking about hovering motorbikes, which Dubai police hope will be part of its fleet in the future.

The concept, unveiled at Dubai’s Gitex Technology week, shows us a small preview of what the city could have in the future. The Dubai police fleet is already one of the most impressive in the world, with a Ferrari, Aston Martin and many more super cars patrolling the streets. The police fleet actually has the fastest police car in the world, a Bugatti Veyron, which costs $1.6 million. The city has a total of 14 police super cars.

The company behind the hovering motorbikes says it passed successful tests in extreme conditions. The company has also released a video of the motorbikes on YouTube. They also said that the motorbike is a special version for the police of Dubai. Pictures show Dubai police testing the motorbike near the ground. Details about the testing were revealed by the official Dubai Police Twitter account.

The hovering motorbikes come just days after the city added cars to another fleet. They also tested another impressive project that could soon be picking up passengers and taking them where they want to go. We’re talking about a flying taxi, which is similar to a small two seat helicopter but has a number of propellers. The flying taxi was tested for a few minutes and could also be part of the future.

Police and Taxi Fleets Keep Getting Better

A few weeks ago, the city of Dubai also added 50 Tesla cars, Model S and Xs, to its taxi fleet. The flying taxis and hovering motorbikes look like something out of a futuristic movie but Dubai is planning to have this technology in the near future.



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