Facebook Is Testing Facial Recognition Technology For Account Recovery

Facebook’s account recovery options could have facial recognition technology in the future. The process of recovering a Facebook account after you forget the password isn’t difficult but the social media network could soon make things a lot easier.

A new option is being tested and all users have to do is show their face to recover the account. Forgetting a password is something that happens to many of us but the feature being tested would only require a quick scan for the user.

Facebook currently has the email option to recover an account but the facial recognition technology will be an alternative for those who don’t want to login to their email, look for the email and reset their password.

The option is reportedly being tested in just a small number of users. The testing comes as many more companies are adding the technology to smartphones and other tech products.

The facial recognition technology will be much quicker as users won’t have to go to their email and complete the process of the password reset to recover their account.

The option allows users to hold their phone up to their face. Facebook then scans the face to confirm if it’s really that user. The social media site will use the image from the scan and compare it to other photos and videos. The matches with other photos verify the user and help them recover their account.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch that they are testing a new feature for people who want to easily and quickly verify the account being recovered.

The social media network did not say whether or when the feature would be available for all. Facebook had tested other recovery options in the past but the new feature appears to be much easier and faster than previous and current ones.