IRULU Geoking 3 Max Smartphone- Latest Coupon Code & Promotion

If you are looking for a new smartphone, you might want to check out the deal IRULU has on the Geoking 3 Max smartphone. This is a new smartphone that has just been released and right now there is a special promotional deal going on. This promotional deal will give you $20 off the retail price.

IRULU Geoking 3 Max Coupon Code & Special Promotion

In order to get the Geoking 3 Max for $20 off the retail price you will need to enter coupon code “GEOKING20” during checkout. That will bring the price down to $179.99 which is an amazing offer for this brand new smartphone. This is a new smartphone that features a 6.5-inch screen and has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. The Geoking 3 Max runs on Android 7.0 and comes with 3GB RAM along with 32GB ROM. A 1.5GHZ processor will ensure you are getting the most reliable and quickest performance possible.

This smartphone features a 5MP camera in the front and a 13MP camera in the back. You will love how quick this phone is and the Dual SIM allows you to expand your storage and also gives you the chance to use this device for both work and personal use. IRULU Geoking 3 Max comes with HDR support, facial recognition support, G-sensor support, and also a fingerprint scanner. If you are looking for a reliable, super quick, and reasonably-priced Android device, check out the new IRULU Geoking 3 Max. Once again, click here to head to the product page and enter the code “GEOKING20” at checkout to get $20 off the price. This is for a limited time only so hurry and get yours before the promotional deal runs out.

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