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Jacob Sartorius Snapchat Name – What is His Snapchat Username & Snapcode?

Jacob Sartorius is one of the many famous young personalities you see on the Internet nowadays. From videos on Vine to releasing two extended plays and with an upcoming concert tour, he really went far thanks to his talent.

Jacob Sartorius’s Early Life and Career

Rolf Jacob Sartorius was born on October 02, 2002, in Oklahoma. During those early years, his biological parents were unable to take care of him and they made plans to have him adopted. He then relocated to his adoptive parents in Reston, Virginia, and there grew up with an interest in music. At the age of seven, Sartorius sharpened his talents in singing with the help of his supportive parents. He also realized that he had a passion for acting, hence his decision to join musicals. However, this made him a target of bullying and he had to stop doing what he loved to do.

In 2014, Sartorius uploaded a video to Vine where he gave an anti-bullying message, and this quickly went viral. He became famous on social media especially when he made additional videos. Later on, Sartorius joined social network app and uploaded lip-syncing videos which gained a lot of attention. Thanks to his efforts, it didn’t take long for him to amass millions of followers on the app. Unfortunately, this newfound fame also made the bullying at school even worse. Throughout 2015, Sartorius had to transfer to three different institutions due to the physical and verbal abuse he suffered from the hands of his classmates.

The online popularity of Sartorius grew unabated as his social media accounts gathered followers by the millions. Around 2016, he inked a contract with independent label T3 Music Group and released his debut single titled “Sweatshirt”. The teen pop track was followed by a music video months later which featured actress Luna Blaise, and it gained more than 8 million views during its first few weeks. The song charted at the US Billboard Hot 100 on number 90, and at number 81 on the Canadian Hot 100. Sartorius then joined the Magcon (meet and greet convention) tour where renowned Internet personalities performed and interacted with fans.

During the same year, Sartorius released “All My Friends” and “Hit or Miss”, the latter being his highest charting single (number 72 at the US Billboard Hot 100). He also went on a mini tour in support of his singles wherein he performed in six cities in America. In 2017, he released his first extended play The Last Text EP which peaked at number 32 on Billboard 200. It will be supported by a concert tour that will start on January 18, 2018 at Silver Spring, Maryland. Moreover, he released another extended play titled Left Me Hangin’ on October 2017.

Jacob Sartorius Snapchat Name – jacobsartorius

Sartorius tweeted on April 14, 2016, that he is back in his Snapchat account and that he posts a ton of content every day. Click here to add him to your list.

Jacob Sartorius – Other Social Media Accounts

Jacob Sartorius Personal Facebook Accountjacobsartorius

Jacob Sartorius Twitter Username jacobsartorius

Jacob Sartorius Instagram Usernamejacobsartorius

Jacob Sartorius Instagram Usernamejacobsartorius

Jacob Sartorius Kik Username or Code – As of now, Sartorius does not have an account on Kik.

Jacob Sartorius Official Website

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