Thursday, June 8, 2023

Manchester City Becomes First EPL Club To Reach 1 Million Subscribers On YouTube

Manchester City have reached one million subscribers on YouTube, becoming the first Premier League club to do so. The club announced the achievement with a livestream featuring midfielder Yaya Toure.

During the livestream, Toure can be seen opening a box with a plaque from YouTube. The video site sends all users who reach one million subscribers a plaque. The one million subscribers plaque is just one of a few sent by the video site when a user reaches an impressive amount of subscribers.

Yaya Toure, who joined Manchester City from Barcelona back in 2010, has been with the club for most of its rebuilding, which has brought some of the best footballers from around the world. The plaque from YouTube has the play button logo and the clubs name, along with a congratulation for surpassing one million subscribers.

Manchester City’s YouTube channel has grown a lot recently. In two years, the channel has doubled its subscribers. The channel has grown by nearly 250,000 subscribers in just one year.

The Manchester City YouTube channel posts videos of their training, challenges and interviews. The club has now reached one million subscribers and has continued gaining subscribers since. The club has also posted a video of its journey to one million subscribers.

The Manchester City subscriber number is actually a lot more than second place Arsenal, which has a little over 710,000 subscribers. Arsenal is closely followed by Liverpool, which has nearly 700,000. Chelsea is also close to them with 693,000 subscribers while Tottenham makes it to the top five with 212,000 subscribers.

The Manchester City YouTube channel has posted 3,711 videos, with some of them getting millions of views. Michael Russell, Manchester City’s head of social media, said that when they launched the channel six years ago, they wanted to create a channel that produced original and innovative content.

There are many users with over one million subscribers on YouTube but Manchester City is the first team in the Premier League to reach that number. Its been an impressive season for Manchester City so far, the club has not only reached one million subscribers but are also in first in the league. The impressive start has them in first place with a five point lead over Manchester United and Tottenham. Just a few days ago, Sergio Aguero got closer to a historic achievement after tying the club scoring record. The Argentinian striker now needs one goal to become the highest scoring player for Manchester City.



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