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Mindkoo Cat Ear Headphones Wireless Review

This is a new one for me. A set of cat ear headphones to review. Certainly a nice change of pace from the celebrity articles I have been busy with, I’ll say that. I’ve seen a number of similar products crop up over the last year or so, and I think they are a cool idea. Not something I can see myself wearing, but certainly something that will add to a number of styles. The most popular ones are the kind with speakers built into the cat ears, which I think is an excellent idea, but not the case here. These are more of a feline Tron fashion statement. So really they live or die by the build quality, the audio quality and the kind of after-care support we can expect from Mindkoo. And the price, obviously.

So, before we dive into the review proper, I think it is a good idea to get to know the company we are buying from. Who are Mindkoo, where do they come from?

About Mindkoo

Well, they seem to be a Chinese style drop shipping storefront. I did a series of articles on how to set up your own Drop shipping store a year or so back, mostly with reference to the cream of the eCommerce crop, so I know a fair bit about how they operate and know they can be terrible, or they can be great. The worst ones have little care for customer trust, they are made to make money, close down and move on. Not the case with Mindkoo, as they have been working on building a name for themselves in the low-cost consumer electronics market for the last two years. Encouraging start. The other side of the coin is customer support. Thankfully they are an Amazon FBA. Meaning Fulfilled by Amazon, it grants you all the peace of mind that ordering direct from Amazon gives you. Amazon themselves handle the customer support, and the returns too, so if anything is not as it should be your first port of call is to a firm with one of the best set of consumer protection policies on the market.

Overall they are able to offer not only the lowest prices but also cream of the crop customer support on top. A good foundation for trust right there.

Mindkoo Cat Ear Headphones Wireless Design and Build Quality

Now, the item is a bit outside my expertise. I know a fair few things about headphones and speakers and have got a couple of nice products in that vein over the last year, but none of them were positioned as fashion items. The LEDs can be set to four different colors, greatly increasing the number of outfits it goes with and is not something I even considered before. I tend to go with black headphones, goes with anything and the battery lasts ages, but you can turn the LEDs off, saving on battery power. The cat ears are not marketed at me, but they would certainly make a nice present for a young girl, an ironic hipster or a rabid fan of anime, so I can see the market for them.

Mindkoo offers a number of other products with similar design goals, cat ear headphones, but with different colors and a few other space-saving or aesthetic differences. If you are hell-bent on having them light up no matter what you are wearing then I am sure you can find something to suit you in their store.

The feel of the build is quite nice. They are weighted properly, and the battery packs do not pull it to one side, a must for wireless headphones. I have a pair I use day-to-day and the freedom from cables is wonderful. These are not sound canceling, a real shame, but they fit snuggly enough, making it easy to hear even soft music. The brackets are robust and feel sturdy, which is nice, but the cushioning could be a little softer. Not a major complaint, I merely mean that I have worn more comfortable headphones. The wireless Bluetooth connection took two seconds to set up, and while I have not tested the max range, but it claims to be around 10m, that is likely in open space, no walls. The battery is said to last eight hours with no lights, and five with lights, with a three-hour recharge time. The audio quality is much better than I imagined it would be. Not a patch on a dual speaker set up, but there is some nice balance to this pair of headphones. The bass and treble limits are nice, and so long as you are conservative with your equalization you will find most genres sound great.

The build quality is very high, the look is great and the audio quality is far above what I expected it to be, especially when I consider the price. As I said, they are not exactly my style, but they would make a great gift.

Mindkoo Cat Ear Headphones Wireless Pricing and Warranty

Now the price. I have taken a stroll through the Cat Eared Headphone Market this week, weird sentence, and I have found a number of low-quality products in the lowest end price point. These are more middle of the road in terms of price, which is a surprise considering their overall quality. You can find these on Amazon for around $38.99. The lack of speakers on the headphones might turn a few folk off, but the price difference between these and those is huge, with ear mounted speakers costing at least $120.

The manufacturer’s warranty is only okay. Most of these Chinese firms go with a simple year-long of limited coverage, covering faults through normal use only. But the real coverage is going to come through Amazon anyway. They have you covered for a long while, and you have the right to request, replace, or refund it¬†directly from Amazon should there be an issue with the item, or you just plain don’t want it. It’s one of the reasons I rave about the firm so much, they have saved me a lot of money over the years.

The price is excellent, the warranty is okay and the Amazon support is up to their usual standards. Overall an excellent option if you are on the market for a pair of cat ear headphones.

Mindkoo Cat Ear Headphones Wireless Conclusion

This has been a fun one to get through. It’s just not something I would have bought for myself, and while I started off thinking they were a bit silly, they have endeared themselves to me. The utility in a pair of wireless headphones should not be overlooked, and the quality of this build is quite high. The audio that you can get out of them is pretty great too, and the price is excellent. The major coverage from Amazon is worth its weight in gold. Overall, this is a well put together item, and I can certainly see a use for it. If you are in the market for a spur of the moment gift then you could do a lot worse than Mindkoo Cat Ear Headphones.

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