Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Samsung Galaxy J7 Catches Fire In Jet Airways Flight

Reports of phones catching on fire or exploding have continued to surface. We all remember the Galaxy Note 7 disaster but reports have also included Xiaomi, Apple and other Samsung phones. The latest incident happened with a Samsung phone in India. The incident was a lot scarier as the phone actually caught fire during a Jet Airways flight.

Earlier this month, CCTV footage showed a Samsung user desperately trying to take his shirt off after his Grand Duos model phone caught fire in his shirt’s pocket. The incident, which happened last Friday, involved a Samsung J7. The Hindustan Times reported that the phone was one of three phones Arpita Dhal had in her bag. Arpita saw that there was something wrong with one of the phones fifteen minutes into the flight. She called the flight crew who controlled the situation by using a fire extinguisher. The Samsung J7 and the two other phones were reportedly kept in a tray of water for the rest of the flight.

It appears that this is another isolated incident, just like Grand Duos model earlier this month and the other phones from different companies. But Arpita is not happy with what happened during the flight. She was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying that she would complain against the airline after she returns home. She explained that this is a question of passenger safety and that if there is a major fire or explosion, what will they do when their fire extinguishers don’t work.

Samsung is currently investigating the device and a spokesperson for the company in India said that they are in touch with authorities for more information. The spokesperson added that at Samsung, customer safety is top priority. The latest incident comes a year after the company was forced to recall millions of Galaxy Note 7 units. The phablet made news around the world when reports of fires and explosions surfaced. Samsung later found that they were being caused by faulty batteries.



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