Security Staff Involved In United Airlines Dragging Incident Fired

Two security officers who were involved in the forcible removal of a United Airlines passenger have been fired. The incident, which happened earlier this year, left the passenger with a number of injuries, including a broken nose.

Dr. David Dao was planning to sue but the airline reached a settlement with him shortly after the incident. It’s been six months since the incident but Chicago aviation officials decided to fire the two security officers after an internal investigation.

The security officer who first pulled Dr. David Dao from his seat has been fired. It was also revealed that a supervisor was fired after the deliberate removal of facts from an employee report.

A statement from officials said the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) employees mishandled a non-threatening situation that led to a forcible removal of a passenger.

Two security officers were fired but three other employees were suspended over misleading statements and leaving out information in reports. One of the employees decided to resign following the five day suspension.

The forcible removal has led to a number of changes from airlines, including the amount it can offer its passengers to give up their seats. Dr. David Dao was reportedly selected randomly to give up his seat because the airline needed the seat for a member of a different flight crew. He refused to give up his seat and that’s when the violent removal happened.

The shocking removal made headlines around the world. The incident was filmed by several passengers and quickly went viral. The incident was a public relations disaster for the airline, which apologized for what happened.

Dr. David Dao was pulled from his seat and dragged down the aisle. The footage showed him bleeding and later saying just kill me. He suffered a concussion, broken nose and two broken teeth during the violent removal.

The incident led to a number of changes from airlines. One of those changes was the elimination of the requests by airlines to passengers to give up their seats. The amount that can be offered to passengers to give up their seats was also increased.

On April 27, just a few weeks after the incident, the airline reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum with Dr. David Dao. His daughter and lawyers had announced days before during a press conference that he was probably going to sue the airline.