Sweden: Court Overturns Decision of 106-Year-Old Woman’s Asylum Request

(AP Photo/Marjan Vucetic)

A 106-year-old woman from Afghanistan who was denied asylum a few weeks ago has received good news. A Swedish court has overturned the decision to deport her. The woman spoke to the BBC and said that she is happy about the news.

The woman, who made the long journey to Europe with her family, was denied asylum a few weeks back. Khalbibi Uzbeki, who is believed to be the oldest woman to request asylum in Europe, was not told about the initial decision but noticed that some of her family members were sad.

Ms. Uzbeki said she couldn’t go to Afghanistan because security isn’t good and there are not enough health services for her needs. Ms. Uzbeki is nearly blind and can barely move but she completed the journey across Europe with the help of her son and grandson, according to the AP news agency.

Ms. Uzbeki’s asylum request was denied in May. The shocking decision left her with the option to appeal. But the decision has been overturned, allowing her to stay in the country. The court in the city of Gothenburg said it would be shocking to require her to return home.

The decision allows her to stay but one family member told the BBC that the others are still waiting to see if Sweden will grant them asylum. Ms. Uzbeki has temporary residency for a year and can then apply for an extension.

Her grandson said that they were happy with the decision but that she is the only one of twelve family members that got a positive decision. The rest are still waiting for a decision after traveling to Europe in 2015.

In 2015, Sweden was one of the European countries with a high percentage of migrant and refugee arrivals. During that year, more than 150,000 people arrived to Sweden.

Ms. Uzbeki was facing deportation before the decision was reversed. She can apply for an extension next year.