Uber CEO To Hold Talks With Transport for London

Uber’s CEO and Transport for London commissioner will soon meet to discuss the license for the ride sharing service in London. The license expired at the end of September. The company had received an extension earlier this year.

Mike Brown, the commissioner of Transport for London (TfL), and Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s new CEO, will meet just days after the license for the company to operate in the city expired.

A few days ago, Uber’s CEO apologized for the mistakes and said that the company would appeal the decision. The company’s license officially expired on Saturday after a four month extension back in May.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan responded to Uber’s apology shortly after, saying he would request for talks between the ride sharing company and Transport for London. The local government body responsible for the transport system in the city said its commissioner was holding talks after the request from the mayor and an approach from the company.

The company recently confirmed that it would appeal the decision. An Uber spokesman recently revealed that the company had not filed the appeal but it still has ten days to do that. Just a few hours ago, it was reported by several news sites that the CEO was heading to London.

Uber made its debut in London back in 2012 but its arrival has caused anger among taxi drivers in the city. Regulations have also made things a lot more difficult for the company. Uber did score a victory last year after TfL dropped some restrictions but the service is now without a license, which means it cannot continue operating for much longer.

Uber drivers are reportedly operating in the city while the company plans to appeal. The meeting is good news for Uber and its thousands of users in the city but the meeting doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal for the company. The talks are just the start, so it could take some time for a solution, if it happens.