Uber To File Appeal On London Ban This Week

Ride sharing service Uber will file an appeal this week against the ban in London. The move will come after an apology by the company’s CEO and a meeting between the two sides. The company, which arrived to London in 2012, was told a few weeks back that it’s license in the city would not be renewed. The license expired at the end of last month and the company cannot continue operating after Friday if it does not appeal.

Sources close to Uber say the company and Transport for London (TfL) will unlikely come up with a solution before Friday, which means Uber’s only option is to appeal. The ride sharing service received a four month extension back in May.

A few weeks ago, Uber’s CEO apologized and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he would request a meeting between the two sides. Uber had also said that it would appeal the decision.

Representatives of each side described the meeting between Uber’s CEO and the head of the TfL as constructive. The appeal is one of the few remaining options, besides reaching a solution with TfL, that the company has to continue operating in the city. Uber has also said it hopes to have more discussions with TfL in the future.

Uber arrived to London five years ago but things haven’t gone perfectly for the ride sharing service. It has faced new regulations from TfL and protests from taxi drivers. Uber has reportedly hired the same lawyer who represented them in previous appeals against TfL.

It appears that an agreement between the two sides is still far away but the mayor and TfL are also under some pressure as nearly 900,000 people have signed a petition for Uber’s license to be renewed.

Uber will reportedly appeal the decision by the end of the week. The company can only operate until Friday if it does not appeal.


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