US National Team Trains On Flooded Pitch Before WC Qualifier

The US national team had to train a little harder earlier today when the field they were going to practice in was partially flooded. The US national team will play Trinidad and Tobago for the World Cup qualifiers tomorrow but the recent rains could be a problem.

The US national team will be looking for a victory to secure a spot for next year’s World Cup. Trinidad and Tobago are already eliminated but will look for a good result to end the qualifiers.

The US national team and its staff had to get creative to get past the flooded part of the field. The running track and a corner were completely underwater. A pump was brought in to remove the water from the running track and corner.

Before that happened, players decided to walk through the water and begin training. Most of the team trained behind the goal to not ruin the conditions of the field even more. The heavy rains have happened in the last 48 hours and could continue tomorrow. The US did not say much about the conditions but an official said they would give more information later today. Trinidad and Tobago’s federation said that it would be FIFA’s decision if the game is played or not.

The game had already been moved to another stadium back in September, with officials saying that the decision had been taken after problems with the lighting system.

The US would qualify with a win while a draw could also end up doing the same as the two teams behind need to score plenty of goals.

The game has not been cancelled but Trinidad and Tobago’s federation has noted the concern from the social media posts showing the condition of the field. The US national team will hold a news conference later today and will probably give more updates on the situation.