US Navy Rescues Two Women After Months Lost At Sea

Two women and their pets have been saved by the US Navy after being lost for a while. The two women got lost when they were trying to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti, a 2,626 mile journey.

The idea to take lots of food turned out to be a very good one as they were lost at sea for nearly five months. The two women and their dogs were rescued by the US Navy on Wednesday after they were spotted by a Taiwanese fishing vessel.

The fishing vessel contacted the US coast guard shortly after. The women were rescued by the USS Ashland the following day, according to a statement from the Navy. The women were planning to sail to Tahiti but they were found on a different route since they had no control of their boat.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba told the Navy that they had packed a lot of food for the trip. They said the decision to pack lots of food and a water purifier saved their lives.

The women began having problems with their boat because of bad weather. They lost their engine but believed they could still reach Tahiti. They later made distress calls but they were too far away. They also fired flares but that didn’t work.

Appel’s mother received a call from her daughter shortly after they were rescued. She said she hadn’t heard from her daughter in five months because she lost her phone on the first day of her trip. She added that various things broke on her boat, including the engine.

Photos released by the Navy show the women being rescued. Another photo shows the dog being greeted by a sailor.

The 2,626 mile journey from Hawaii to Tahiti didn’t go well for the women but the good news is that they had enough supplies while they waited for help. They were spotted by the fishing vessel 900 miles southeast of Japan. They were actually closer to Japan than Tahiti, which was around 5,000 miles away when they were found.

The fishing vessel attempted to tow the boat but Appel said the condition of their boat was so bad that it probably wouldn’t have lasted another day. The vessel then decided to contact the coast guard.