Walmart Is Adding Super Fast Online Returns

Walmart will soon make product returns a little bit easier. The company announced earlier today that it will introduce Mobile Express Returns, an option on the Walmart app that allows customers to return products.

How It Works

The process is easy, all customers have to do is go on the app, begin the return and then visit a store with a QR code scan. The company said in a statement that refunds will be given to customers as soon as the next day. They added that customers will no longer have to send their products and wait for the online return to be refunded to the account.

The super fast online returns are yet another move against its competitors. The launch won’t be for every item but that could change in the future. The company said last year that the app would have a feature to allow customers to receive a refund without having to visit a store.

Recent Changes

Walmart has announced plenty of changes for its online section in recent years. Earlier this year, Walmart dropped its free shipping minimum from $49 to $35. Amazon, one of its biggest competitors, responded to that move by lowering its free shipping minimum a few weeks later.

The Mobile Express Returns option only applies to purchases completed through Walmart’s website and will be for select items. The option will reportedly add more items later. The option also includes items that are damaged.

Returns In Just a Few Seconds

The returns will take just seconds this time. The company has said it will handle returns in 35 or less. The option will be available next month for products that the company sells online. The feature will reportedly expand to store purchases next year.

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