Monday, March 27, 2023

Amazon Accused of Ruining Christmas After Deliveries With Original Boxes

A few Amazon customers are now accusing the online retailer of ruining Christmas because of the packaging on deliveries.

Customers are complaining on social media that Amazon is ruining the present surprises after delivering packages with their original boxes. The packages are being delivered with no paper wrapping or cardboard box to prevent kids from seeing the presents. In some cases, the packages have arrived with their original boxes and the label right on the box.

The deliveries have angered some customers who were looking to receive a box to hide the contents. Amazon orders are usually delivered in big boxes, despite the items sometimes being very small. But the online retailer has been trying to change that after criticism from customers. Earlier this month, a customer in London criticized the company for using a large box and 45 feet of paper packaging for a calendar.

The customer said the box is so big that it could hold at least ten calendars. The customer also said that it was a waste of paper. A spokesperson for the company recently said the online retailer was changing the amount of packaging used and that it would ship products in their own packages without additional shipping boxes.

The reduction in packages has angered a few customers though. Those who complained on social media showed the deliveries with their original boxes. One customer tweeted at Amazon UK, thanking them for nearly ruining a child’s Christmas. The picture shows an Xbox One box and a label on one of the sides.

Another customer said she was absolutely fuming with Amazon UK after the order arrived on its original box. That customer added that the child who was supposed to be getting it as a surprise saw it when it was delivered. Other tweets from customers showed similar deliveries, with the labels on the original boxes.

It appears that Amazon has really cut down on the packagings after all the complaints from customers saying they are using too much to deliver a small item. But an Amazon representative has responded to a complaint, saying there is ways to make sure the order arrives with a different package. The response was made to a customer who had complained on Facebook. In the response, it is mentioned that customers can select the gift option or ship in Amazon box option during checkout to keep it a surprise.



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