Australia: Puppy Stolen During Burglary Returned By Thieves

A puppy that was stolen during a burglary in Melbourne has been returned to the family. The thieves took other items from the home but the burglary caught the attention of local media when it was revealed that a puppy had also been stolen.

The family believe whoever was behind the theft of the Labrador puppy named Sasha had a conscience or got scared when it began making news. Victoria Police have said that an iPad, jewelry and laptop were stolen from the home.

The family didn’t care about the items stolen but did want to see the puppy return. They told Australian news outlets that they were devastated at the loss. But the sad news quickly became happy news when the puppy was returned. Four-year-old Maia Sardi was happy to see her puppy back after it was left in the garden at night. One of the dog’s owners told local media that they didn’t want to get their hopes up but that in the morning, his wife got up to make coffee and saw a figure moving by the kennel. He added that whoever took her either has a conscience or got scared. He finished by saying that they don’t care and that they are just glad to have her back.

Victoria Police posted a tweet of the girl and puppy sitting on the sofa. Police continue the investigation into the burglary and have asked anyone with information to contact them.

The story of the stolen puppy made national news in Australia when a tearful Maia appeared alongside one of the dog’s owners asking for information to find her. The puppy had been with the family for a week and it was returned shortly after the theft made national news.

Police don’t know why the thieves stole the puppy during the burglary but have said that the other items are still missing.