Australia: Two Men and Dog Rescued After Getting Stranded In Dangerous Waters

Two men and a dog spent four days on top of a car waiting for someone to spot and rescue them. They had nowhere to go as the area where they got stranded is the home to many crocodiles.

It all began when the men decided to go on a fishing trip to Kimberley, a remote area in Western Australia. But their trip quickly turned into a nightmare when their vehicle got stuck in a tidal bog. The two men and the dog also had another problem, the crocodiles that live in the area.

The group had to move to the top of the vehicle to be safe from the many crocodiles in the area. A police officer told ABC News that the men and the dog stayed on top of the vehicle and went through about six tides, which sometimes covered the vehicle. The police officer added that in Kimberley, you’ve got to watch the snakes and crocodiles. He also said one of the gentlemen had said that a crocodile did come close to the vehicle.

Pictures show the vehicle sitting a bit sideways and completely stuck. The tides would sometimes cover the vehicle, making things even worse for the group.

The fishing trip began during the weekend and authorities began the search after they didn’t return on Monday. The air and land search lasted about a day. The group was rescued on Tuesday and emergency teams confirmed that they were okay. They did add that they were dehydrated. The weather in the area can sometimes be hot this time of the year.

The wait for the group was over on Tuesday and authorities say they began crying during the rescue, which happened after nearly five days. The police officer said that he doesn’t know what would have been going through their heads after being out there for five days on that weather. He added that they were quite fatigued and dehydrated.

The remote area has beautiful places but more and more people are also getting stranded by attempting to drive through routes that are not commonly used. Just a few days ago, a family got stranded in the area for four days. All eight family members were rescued. The group did not have a phone and had to walk after their car got a flat tire. The family was found at a makeshift camp and five hours later, the father, who had been looking for help, was also found and flown to the place where his family had been taken.